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Real Essex Cider

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Our legendary "STORM Real Essex Cider"  won CAMRA's Chelmsford & South East Essex Summer Beer & Cider Festival Cider competition 2017!
Thankyou to all who voted for it.
 is based at our rural cottage in the small hamlet of Delvin End, just outside Sible Hedingham, Essex.
Nestled in our recently planted old East Anglian variety wildlife friendly apple orchard pollinated by our very own honey bees.
We make cider in the traditional way by pressing locally grown hand picked eating apples in the autumn on our restored 100 year old stowe flat belt driven rack and cloth cider press.
Driven through the wall by our not so old 1950's tractor.
We allow the apple juices natural sugars to slowly ferment over the winter months.
No added sugar, water, colouring, flavourings or Finings. our quality vintage real still cider has not been filtered, pasturised or carbonated.
(Suitable for Vegetarians as no Gelatine used)V
The finished cider is a crisp clear slowly fermented refreshing fruity still drink.
We do not try to emulate west country cider, but celebrate and welcome back Real Essex Cider that has been lost in this county for many years.

Delvin End Cidery
Real Essex Cider Makers,
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Sible Hedingham, Essex. CO9
Delvin End Cidery is owned by Dawn, Adam & Son's.
We first started making cider in our garden shed in 2000.
After we both completed a cider making course at Pershore college.
The first year (2000) we bought approx 1/3 of a tonne of apples from a local orchard.
We invited friends to help press  in our  tent in the garden,  it took all day and most of the night to press approx 200lts. we nearly lost our tent in a horrendous Storm! Hence the name of our very first cider. "STORM"
After doing that for a few years we then rented a small barn at the orchard we bought the apples from logistically much better.
Then we installed our restored Stowe press there,
after pressing there  for a few years the orchard was grubbed out.
We then had to move our press again, so we decided to build a purpose built cider barn for our precious press,
so it never has to be moved again.
Again with much help from Friends, family and locals with heavy equipment! 
We also planted an old local variety apple orchard. and then introduced Honey Bees later, to pollinate our apple trees and hopefully get honey for Cyser and Mead in the future.
We currently make  approx 3000lts of cider annually in October.
Our Stowe Cider Press Built 1907
our cider press is a museum piece, there are not many still working in this country, it was first installed into Usk Agricultural College approx 1907, for the students to use, also local apple growers would bring their apples to be pressed on this fantastic piece of equipment. we found an article in Welsh journals online published around the 1950's, under Gwent local history,  entitled "Cider making on the Gwent Flatlands". There are many pages regarding cider making, here is one particuler paragraph:
"It was when the Ty Du machine was no longer available that farmers took advantage of the cider making facilities at Usk Agricultural College. Here a sophisticated device made by Messrs S.Stowe of Bristol had been acquired in 1917.
It not only thoroughly washed the apples before pressing them, and, throughout the process, ensured that they were free from impurities, it also pressed the fruit so thoroughly that only a powder remained, and not an unpleasant soggy mess.
It is still a highly effiecient machine and even in our current poor cider apple season, has made about 800 gallons of cider, including  45gallons for a Mr Waters, of Tatton Farm,  who seems to be the last farmer in the area interested in making it.. The college is currently charging 60pence per gallon for its services."
I thought this was a very interesting part of cider making history in this country.
We purchased this wonderful press in 2001, It took a lot of hard work, sweat and tears to get it out of the building, Thanks to a few friends and family members. (you know who you are!) and some very obliging locals in Usk with heavy duty equipment.
Once we got it back to Essex we had a mammoth task of restoring and reassembling the biggest, heaviest, puzzle, with no instructions! Then after many many  phone calls we managed to get some original Racks and Cloths from one of the very few remaining similar presses that had been retired, so the racks and cloths were no longer needed.
It took approx three years to fully restore and rebuild.
It is now in full working order, Maintained and is used every year.
It was certainly built to last , and now safe from destruction it  will go on for many more years to come.